Financial aid for the purchase of an electric bike in Paris and nearby in 2020.

You're looking for an E bike? You live in Paris or Ile de France? You have a tight budget?

Look no further, the Ile de France region and the city of Paris offers financial aids to get yourself an E bike, which is more environnementally friendly.

Those aids will be effective on february 2020, for new bikes, bought after december 1st 2019. More "classical" bikes are not the only ones to be eligible to the grant, if you like to go to the grocery store on your bike or you have a big family, cargo bikes are also subject to it.

If you live in Ile de France, are major and possess an homologated E bike bought after december 1st 2019, here's what you can have:

-A 500€ fund (max. 50% of the price tax incl.) for a new E bike.

-A 600€ fund (max. 50% of the price tax incl.) for a new cargo E bike.

It's also possible to buy various safety elements (helmet, lights...) with this grant as long as they're on the same receipt as the bike. But be careful, if the aid is granted to you, you'll have to keep the bike for at least 3 years, you're not allowed to sell it before that.

Note that the date of application of this grant has been advanced after the december strikes. The region will have an estimated budget of 12M € and targets between 20 000 and 30 000 inhabitants each year.

For parisians, the city of Paris offers, since 2018, a financial aid that fosters alternate mobilities.

-Up to 400€ (max. 33% of the price tax incl.) for the purchase of an E bike and even a conversion kit.

-Up to 600€ (also max. 33%) for the purchase of a cargo bike (electric or not).

If electric is not your cup of tea and you wish to get rid of your car (diesel or gas Crit'air 4 and prior), the city offers you a choice:

-A yearly subscription to Pass'Navigo, for public transportation (max. 400€)

-400€ for a bike (electric or not)

-600€ for a cargo bike (same, with or without pedal assist)

-A yearly subscription to the Vélib’, a shared bike service

There's no limit to the price of the bike itself and no distinction is made between an E bike and a "classic" bicycle.

All of these grants should allow the masses to obtain their dream E bike as well as limiting the numbers of car driving around Paris. It's like two birds with one stone, less cars so less pollution and even more space to ride our bikes freely.

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