The advantages of having company bikes.

Riding a bike can have more advantages than reducing your carbon footprint, it's even possible for some companies to have a financial gain. Let's see how.

On the one hand, it's possible to have grants in some french cities, in Paris namely. For small and average parisian companies (up to 50 employees), the city of Paris offers grants:

  • of 400€ for the purchase or the rental of an E bike, or for a conversion kit.
  • of 1200€ for the purchase or rental of a cargo bike (electric or not)
  • of 2000€ for a charging space.

Those aids are quite similar to those offered to the average people. However, the charging space can be very useful in the case of a company fleet for example.

Then, employees can benefit from a kilometric grant if they bike to work. This grant is 0,25€ per km, calculated on the shortest way from your home to your workplace. It's tax-free as well as free of social contribution, it should not exceed 200€ a year per person. It allows one to have a small bonus on his salary, always good to pay for the maintenance of the bike or even improving it with new parts.

On the other hand, a bike fleet can be advantageous for a company (and employees). Companies that offer free bikes for home to work rides can benefit from a tax reduction equivalent to 25% of the price engaged in order to obtain the fleet. To clarify, if your company buys a dozen electric bikes (2000€ a piece, so a 20 000€ investment) in order to provide them, it can have a tax reduction of around 5000€! Careful though, this fleet can be considered as benefit in kind, since an employee could still ride the bike on a private use (weekend strolls...). Benefits in kind are taxed and the advantages provided by the reduction can be lessened. The trick is to make the employee partially pay for the rental of his bike (if rental there is), so that he can pay for his private use of the bike while the company will pay for the professional use (commute, ride to meetings...), this won't be considered as benefit in kind anymore.

This type of initiative can reduce the number of cars in cities but also the investment that companies have to make all the while being conscious of the mobility of tomorrow. It's a win-win!

If you're a professional or if you or your company is looking to buy a bike or a bike fleet, get in touch, we're preparing a dedicated offer!

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