E bike - On-purchase bonus

Conditions to obtain a bonus for the purchase of an E bike have changed in 2018.

For bikes bought before february 2018, note that:

The bonus is applicable for bikes bought between 19/02/2017 and 31/01/2018

The cumulated amount of the bonus and local financial aid cannot exceed 200€ and 20% of the bike's price (tax incl.)

To obtain this bonus, you just have to go to: ecologique-solidaire.gouv.fr, by clicking here. You just have to fill the form and send all the required documents.

For bikes bought after february 2018

THe conditions have changed, you now have to be not taxable on income. If you have access to a local aid, the bonus will then be added to the aid.

We hope that the situation is gonna change, or at least that the local communities are going to take actions.

We'll keep you posted!


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