A smart solution against bike theft!

We always take the time to discuss with our clients to better understand how they'll use the bike, and what we can do to improve our products.

A question in particular was often asked, and to be fair, we weren't expecting to have to find a solution so quickly.

"What if it got stolen?"

In fact, most of bike users in France have this issue, 500 000 bikes are stolen yearly in France, one of two users has had his bike stolen. The problem is quite important.

We had to find a solution for our clients. An inexpensive solution, more effective than a simple lock.

We searched, contacted manufacturers and users, browsed forums and Facebook pages for days.

There were a few existing solutions, but one in particular got our attention.

The startup Ilockit, was founded in 2015 by two german engineers who thought that technology could be the answer to bike theft.
Christian Anuth and Markus Weintraut developped a technology that protects your bike simply and effectively thanks to a smart wheel lock which has an alarm and you can even add a chain to it. It is activated automatically by your smartphone and only costs 129 €.

We already installed it on a few bikes and I can tell you that this solution is ideal, no questions asked, you park your bike and the lock detects that you're getting away and locks automatically, it's extremely practical.

You can now find this product on our website.

If you have any questions on this product, don't hesitate to contact us!

Cadenas connecté Ilockit ebike vélo


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