An E bike, that's nice, but a lightweight one is even better!

If you ever wanted to purchase an electric bike, you may have noticed that most of them weigh more than 20 kg. You may have told yourself, well the pedal assist will take care of the extra weight... Let me explain why we think that an E bike should be as light as possible precisely because of the electric system.

For vehicules in general and E bikes in particular, a vicious circle appears when it comes to weight: a heavier bike means a studier, beefier frame, which in term means even more weight, then the pedal assist needs to be stronger to propel the bike, the battery needs to be bigger and thus heavier... You see where I'm going with this... Conversely, as soon as you consider weigh as a lever of improvement, things get better quickly, that's what we experienced during the development process of our E bike.

The fact that a 350 Wh battery can provide enough power to ride for up to 40 km can be discovered quite easily. Behind those numbers, there are limited impacts on the environnement: a smaller battery require less rare metals to make and will be less polluting during manufacturing as well as during recycling. Less electric energy is needed to ride for the same distance, that means less nuclear energy in France but in other countries less fossil energies, those of which have an impact on climate change.

The best energy is still the one you didn't use, right?

But that's not all, the experience is better, your bike is more manoeuvrable, brakes easier and accelerates quicker after a stop sign. There are times when you use the bike without even being sat on it. Have you ever carried the bike up a flight of stairs? To store it in your apartment? In those situations, each kg counts, I can assure you that carrying a 14 kg E bike is quite an easy task, carrying a 24 kg one however...

Let's say you got out for a ride and forgot to charge the battery, if your ride is a little long, you'll have to pedal. Either you keep the pedal assist on max till you empty the battery or you use the levels of pedal assist as best as you can to save a few kilometers; well in both cases, you'll have to use your legs. In this situation, you'll understand the importance of every kg.

If you use an E bike regularly or you wish to buy one, the best thing is to try, don't hesitate to book a test ride et it'll be a pleasure to lend you our lightweight E bike.


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