Bordeaux, a city where it's lovely to ride a bike!

Bordeaux is seen as the 6th city in the world on ease of mobility by bicycle in 2019 (according to the Copenhagenize ranking, based on infrastructures, number of users or the importance given to cycling by the municipality). Two other French cities are in the top 10: Strasbourg (5th) and Paris (8th).

But what makes Bordeaux worth the 6th place? Let us analyse the data provided by "Observatoire vélo de la métropole de Bordeaux" (Cycling observatory of Bordeaux) in 2018:

There's an increase in users of more than 10% over a year, that makes an increase of 50% since 2013. This rise in cyclists fosters good points for the ranking!

Regarding bike paths in Bordeaux, there are, at the end of 2018:

- 306 km of bike paths and "green paths"

- 367 km of cycle lanes

- 445 km of calm circulation areas

- 113 km of shared ways with pedestrians

All of this for a grand total of 1231 km of cycling specific layout.

We talked about it in last week's article, cities can offer financial aid if you buy a new bike. In this regard, the city of Bordeaux has offered almost 350 grants (75 000€) in 2018. Note that 3/4 of those grants were for E bikes.

Since the end of 2018 and for the purchase of classic bikes, E bikes, cargos and conversion kits, the city will grant you 100€.

Another thing about the city are those road signs:

They allow cyclist to carry on their way even if the light's red, while yielding to other users. the small arrow under the bike drawing means the direction in which you're allowed to go when the light's red. If you wish to continue straight but the arrow points right, you'll have to wait for a green light! You may have seen those signs under traffic lights in your city too.

If you fear leaving your bike outside, vulnerable to ill-intentioned people as well as the elements, no panic! The city of Bordeaux offers dozens of secure parking spots for two-wheeled vehicules (around 300 spots) in which your bikes will be sheltered.

Finally, after years of use, your bike will need some care and maintenance. Since it may happen sooner than you expect, it's always good to know how to maintain your bike on your own. For this reason, a dozen shared shops can be found in Bordeaux. There, you can learn to work on your bike, tools can be lend and other cyclists won't hesitate to give you a few tips!

It's quite good to see an evolution of the cities, adapting more and more to cycling as a whole and that this mean of transport is adopted by more and more citizens.

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