A little story about bike commuting

Bike commuting, or going to work by bike. More and more people adopted this mean of transportation, but what does it imply?

First of all, it's a lot more environmentally friendly than to take your car. This obvious benefit prevents rejecting up to half a ton of CO2 per year. In fact, considering a home to work commute of 6km as well as an average emission of 150 g/km, this represents 450kg emitted in the atmosphere yearly! While on a bike... nothing at all (except maybe during the manufacturing process)

Then, with minimal maintenance (lubrification/greasing of parts, regular cleaning, careful storage), your "commuter bike" can easily follow you for miles on end, and it'll be less expensive than a car to take care of (as well as on purchase). Moreover, some companies offer their employees a kilometric grant, up to 0,25€ a km, get informed if you can benefit from one.

To carry on with advantages, going to work on your bike will keep you healthy. With around 10 km a day, at the end of the month that's about 250km! You'll feel better and won't feel guilty to have had that fast food with your mates the day before.

For the same route in an urban area, you'll likely be faster on a bike than with your car. On a bike, you can take shortcuts: one ways except for bikes, yielding for cyclists at red lights (which we talked about here).

No more busy trafic, transport strikes or more than full buses!

Depending on the city you live in, an electric bike can be more useful (in hilly cities for instance). But a commuter bike can simply be an old bike found on ebay and brought up to date. That's also the spirit, preparing the bike yourself and modifying it to your needs: mudguards, paniers, funny bell...

However, there can be some drawbacks to all of this. If your workplace doesn't have a safe place to lock your bike to, that can be annoying. Biking makes you sweat, so it's likely you'll arrive at work all sweaty and smelly. The solution would be to have showers there, in order to be on point for that meeting with a client. Once again, not all companies have locker rooms with showers. Another issue is the weather, on a bike you're vulnerable to rain, cold among other things. However, a great kit can save you the day: effective mudguards, a nice waterproof jacket, overshoes, powerful lights to be seen no matter the conditions, and of course, good spirits to ride your bike despite that thick fog and 0°.

In short, bike commuting is a great solution to stay healthy as well as save money (and the planet), i's addictive!

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